DHCLS Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026 (Adopted by the DHCLS Board of Trustees on June 9, 2021)

Economic Opportunity and Advancement

Job seekers will have resources and tools to support them at every step in the job search process.
Small business owners and entrepreneurs will have access to resources for starting, sustaining, and growing successful enterprises.
Children and teens will be aware of diverse, meaningful, and rewarding career opportunities.
DHCLS will serve as an essential civic anchor to spur and support economic development in downtown areas.

Literacy and Learning

Patrons will have timely, convenient access to a relevant, diverse, and dynamic collection of library materials in a variety of formats.
Young children and their caregivers will utilize a robust suite of programs and resources to support the development of early literacy skills; teens and adults will participate in enriching, educational programs focused on arts, science, and the humanities.
Educational institutions (kindergarten through college, public and private) will see DHCLS as a viable and vital partner in supporting academic achievement and student success.

User Experience

DHCLS leadership and management will identify current needs and potential opportunities for facility improvement and expansion.
Patrons will experience a consistent, high-quality user experience when visiting or interacting with any DHCLS service outlet.
Patrons will have convenient access to library resources in community hubs, liminal spaces, and underserved areas.

Communication and Awareness

Residents of Dothan and Houston County will recognize the essential role of the public library in today’s world.
Elected officials and civic leaders will understand the breadth of services provided by DHCLS and the positive impact of DHCLS on our local community.
Library trustees, management, and frontline staff will be appropriately knowledgeable and well-informed about library policies, procedures, initiatives, and priorities.

Capacity, Sustainability, and Innovation

Local elected officials will fund DHCLS at levels appropriate for effective delivery of library services to a diverse and growing community.
Private donors will support the library through planned gifts, leadership giving, grants, and other philanthropic strategies.
DHCLS will recruit and retain a workforce that is talented, dedicated, and engaged.
DHCLS will be recognized at the local, state, and national levels for excellence in library service.
DHCLS will foster a culture of continuous improvement, fiscal stewardship, and effective management.

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