Dothan Houston County Library System

The Dothan Houston County Library System’s goal is to provide materials and services which will help the community residents and present and future affiliates of the Wiregrass area to obtain information meeting their personal, educational and professional needs. The library will serve residents of the community and surrounding area regardless of age, race, or creed. The library’s collection will reflect broad coverage with materials acquired in a variety of formats, and will include the use of outside informational resources. Special emphasis will be placed on stimulating young children’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning, and to provide personal-interest materials for the overall patrons.

Every patron living in the Wiregrass area is able to obtain a library card. This card enables you to borrow books, CDs, DVDs, Books-on-Tape, etc. for research or enjoyment. You can use it to access e-books for downloading on your personal cell phone, computer, tablet or e-reader. It allows you to use a computer at the library to access the internet, use a word processor, spreadsheet, database, or just play games.  It enables you to receive help in locating materials that meet your needs and to borrow materials from other libraries.

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