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Southeast Alabama Digital Library is an OverDrive consortium, like Camellia Net, and consists of the Dothan Houston County Library System, the Enterprise Public Library, and the McGregor-McKinney Public Library

The discussion to migrate away from Camellia Net and form a new consortium (SEADL) had been brewing for several years. The need for an additional OverDrive consortium in Alabama came from the realization that Camellia Net was too crowded and operated without much oversight and follow-up. A smaller consortium, more controlled and focused, will help the increasing demand from patrons by reducing the number of holds within the consortium. OverDrive aims for any partner of theirs, not just consortia, to have around a 21-day average wait time. Currently, the average wait time for Camellia Net is 93.76 days. A smaller consortium with far fewer patrons vying for the same titles will automatically reduce wait times.

Reduce the average wait time for electronic materials. Currently, the average wait time for electronic materials in the Camellia Net consortium is approximately 93.76 days. This number, of course, is skewed by libraries with high wait times. However, OverDrive strives to see all partners, not just our consortia, have around a 21-day average wait time.

Allow members of the new consortium to create new best practices. Starting a new consortium will allow members to all be on the same page from the start of the group while creating new by-laws, understanding their commitment to being in the newly formed group, committing to an annual content credit budget that will purchase materials, and identifying goals for the consortium collection and how to measure successes.

Establish a collection development policy that all members will abide by. Some options in determining a collection development policy would include forming a committee of three to five volunteers from member libraries who will create and submit content orders for the group (committee members will rotate quarterly or annually), appointing one library who will create and submit content orders, ordering content on a regular, responsible basis, and establishing a sound weeding policy.


When is the projected launch date?
Monday, November 2, 2020.

What happens to my holds in Camellia Net?
Your holds placed in Camellia Net will transfer to SEADL. However, there may be titles in Camellia Net not yet available in SEADL. Unfortunately, those titles/holds will not transfer.

Will my checkout history be transferred to SEADL?
Unfortunately, your checkout history will not be transferred to SEADL. However, you can export your reading history before the transition. If you are interested in doing so, please visit: for step-by-step instructions. Please export your reading history before the migration on Monday, November 2, 2020.

Will SEADL feature the same number of titles as Camellia Net?
No. Currently, there are over 58,000 titles in Camellia net. Unfortunately, SEADL will have significantly less. The focus for SEADL is to reduce the average wait time for popular titles. Camellia Net has been in existence for almost twenty years and thus has built an impressive collection of titles. Over time, SEADL will also increase the number of titles while keeping wait times at respectable levels.

Will I need to update my Libby/OverDrive app?
Yes! You will need to search for SEADL on either the OverDrive or Libby app (depending on which one you are using). You can find us under Southeast Alabama Digital Library then login with your library card and start checking out materials.

Will my current library card work with SEADL?
Yes! Your current library card will work at the new SEADL site, as we have duplicated your authentication set-up on the new consortium so there will be no interruption. However, your library card will no longer work on Camellia Net, but you will be permitted to finish all current loans.

How can I make a suggestion for purchase?
When you are on the OverDrive or Libby app, if there is a book that isn’t in the collection, you will see a section below your search that says “Didn’t fine what you’re looking for?” with a series of books that say ‘Not Owned’ on top. You can click on the title that matches what you’re looking for and recommend it. When the library buys the book, you will be placed on hold.

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